Friday, March 11, 2011

Answering the Call-Riley Kate, Russia, 2011

Riley Kate, 15
DFW International Airport
Destination: St. Petersburg, Russia

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet the Bears-2009

I don't know who was more excited to meet the players-Baylor or Johnny! We had a fun family day this past Saturday. We left our house bright and early to pick up Ms. Victoria Gendron (our 4th kid) and headed down south to Waco... Ate a deep fried lunch at The Cracker Barrel and then made a quick stop (not quick enough for Johnny)at the Baylor Book Store to update our look for the 2009football season. And as always, we said a fast hello to the grizzlies... Next, we made our way to the Ferrell Center and took the shuttle to the practice/scrimmage on the outdoor field. Hot Day but them Bears are lookin' good!!! (at least that is what Johnny and the headlines on the Bear web site tell me) (Speaking of the web site--They posted a photo of our sweet Baylor with Coach Briles in the photo gallery from the team signing) All of the kids had a great time meeting the players and getting autographs. Riley and Victoria did some boy watching but Reagan has set her sights a little on the strength and conditioning coach, Coah Kaz. That guy has muscles like you only see in a magazine! Was a great day and now we just wait as we count down the days til September 5, the first game of the season...

Meet the Bears-2009

Mexico 2009- Happy 7 Years to us!

Johnny and I enjoyed a great trip to Playa Mujeres to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. We loved being alone in our private hydra-pool on our 2nd floor balcony, having a restful couple massage in the beautiful spa and being on the beach at night... We had delicious meals in the restaurants (french, italian, lobster) and a great time at the mexican fiesta with our new found friends from Minnesota, Ron & Nikki... We planned the trip to be alone and ended up spending most of our days at the pool being crazy and most of our evenings at dinner, etc. with Ron, Nikki and some other new friends. The days went quick but by the last night we were both very ready to get back home to our kids. Now it is time to begin making plans for our 8th.....

Mexico 2009--7 year Anniversary Trip

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jonas Brothers--Here We Come!!!

Reagan was blessed with tickets to the concert for her 9th birthday from her Grandma and Pa Pa Sapp. She was able to choose a friend to go and much to my dismay, it was not me! Reagan and Ashlyn had just about as much fun getting ready for the concert as they did at the actual show. Matching outfits, hot pink hair extensions, manicures and pedicures too! Can U say SPOILED???? They had the time of their life and were completely shocked at the surprise guest, Miss Miley Cyrus... Pretty sure that I can't top this birthday gift, Don't think I will even try. :)